Master of Social Work (MSW)

Welcome, MSW students!

This page contains all the resources you'll need to be successful in the compliance process as you prepare for the start of your field placement. It also contains additional resources you'll need as you maintain compliance throughout the remainder of your program! See below for helpful links, useful contacts, a handy quick reference list of deadlines and requirements, and compliance training resources for your program.

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Compliance Training Resources

Video Training Library     PDF Compliance Guide

You can also check out your program's library of relevant compliance training episodes through this handy embedded playlist:

Compliance Requirements & Deadlines

Note that you'll be assigned to one of three deadline groups based on when you were admitted to the program. Refer to the initial compliance information email you received from your compliance specialist, but the deadline groups are as follows:

  • Continuing Students - Students who have been taking classes in the program but have not yet started field placement, often those completing 3- or 4-year tracks or those returning from leave of absence.
  • Earlier Admits - Incoming students newly admitted before April 15th who plan to begin their first year of field placement in their first fall semester in the program.
  • Later Admits - Incoming students newly admitted after April 15th who plan to begin their first year of field placement in their first fall semester in the program.


Prior to Field Placement Start

  • Continuing Students: Fall/Spring; Earlier Admits: Spring; Later Admits: Spring/Summer
  • Deadline: Continuing Students - April 15; Earlier Admits - June 15; Later Admits - August 1
    • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella)
    • Varicella
    • Hepatitis B
    • Tetanus
    • COVID-19 Vaccine
    • Tuberculosis
    • Physical Exam
    • Student Consent & Attestation
    • Health Insurance Card
    • HIPAA Training
  • Deadline: Continuing Students - May 1-15 (wait for announcement with instructions); Earlier Admits - June 15 (wait until after May 1); Later Admits - August 1
    • Basic Background Check

During Field Placement Years

  • Deadline: October 1
    • Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
  • Deadline: May 1-15 (wait for instructions before ordering)
    • Basic Background Check
  •  Ongoing
    • Renew ADB/Complio subscription and any expiring items as needed
    • Fulfill any agency-specific requirements your program notifies you to complete