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Important Announcement (6/30/21): This is an official notice that although the recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Connecticut and other states, UConn is required to continue testing for the presence of marijuana and to share drug test results that are positive for marijuana with placement facility sites (Facilities). There has been no indication that Facilities will be revising their drug testing requirements. As such, it is most likely that Facilities will deem drug test results that are positive for marijuana (including marijuana used for medical purposes with a valid prescription) as failing to meet their drug testing requirements. UConn Programs are not responsible for arranging placements for students who are unable to meet a Facility’s requirements. Additionally, even if such a Facility can be identified, there is no guarantee that a student who has tested positive for marijuana can be placed at that specific Facility. Students who do have a prescription for medical use of marijuana are strongly encouraged to inform the clinical case manager in advance of the drug screening. Please also be aware that, under some contracts between UConn and Facilities, the Facility can require random drug screens of students placed at the Facility at any time without giving notice to UConn or to the student. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Compliance Information for Clinical & Field Students

The Office of Clinical Placement Coordination (OCPC) supports students in clinical and field programs across UConn. We’re here to help you successfully navigate the compliance process in preparation for your required clinical and/or field placement experience(s). Our goal is to make this part of your academic career as smooth and painless as possible so you can get your training and get out there to work with patients and clients across Connecticut and beyond.

Below you’ll find links to training videos and compliance guides specific to your program as well as some general frequently asked questions. Please feel free to reach out to anytime with questions about requirements, deadlines, your ADB/Complio account, or other compliance matters. Any questions about your program’s policies and procedures, placement schedules, or other programmatic matters should be directed to your program.

If you have any questions or concerns about flags or potential flags on your background check or drug screen, please reach out to to discuss in a confidential manner.

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Access Key Program-Specific Information

Please select your program to go to a special page chock full of helpful information and all the training resources you need to be successful in your compliance journey!