Health Research Program (HRP)

Welcome, Health Research Program students!

This page contains all the resources you'll need to be successful in the compliance process as you prepare for the start of your clinicals...and the additional resources you'll need as you maintain compliance throughout the remainder of your program! See below for helpful links you'll need along the way, useful contacts, a handy quick reference list of deadlines and requirements, and compliance training resources for your program.

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Compliance Training Resources

PDF Compliance Guide

Check out this handy overview video that walks you through all your requirements:

Compliance Requirements & Deadlines

Prior to Program Start

  • Spring
  • Deadline: April 15
    • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) - Documentation of two childhood doses or positive titers (additional info)
    • Varicella - Documentation of two childhood doses of positive titer (additional info)
    • Hepatitis B - Documentation of complete series or positive titer (positive titer required for students working with bloodborne pathogens) (additional info)
    • Tdap - Documentation of current Tdap dated within 10 years
    • COVID-19 Vaccine - Documentation of primary vaccine series plus at least one booster
    • Tuberculosis - Documentation of current QuantiFERON/T-Spot blood test or PPD skin test dated within 12 months
    • Student Consent & Attestation - Complete form within Complio
    •  Ongoing
      • Renew ADB/Complio subscription and any expiring items as needed
      • Fulfill any agency-specific requirements your program notifies you to complete