Student Consent & Attestation

Getting Started

We highly recommend that you watch the "Quick Start" episode of your program's video training before diving into individual requirements. All clinical and field programs at UConn require students to complete the Student Consent & Attestation form, which gives permission for your program and OCPC to review your records and disclose information to your placement agency as required. It also reviews key information related to your placement. You will not be able to begin your placement if compliance requirements are not met, and you will be removed from your placement if compliance lapses.

Student Consent & Attestation Episode

Summary below in case you just need a quick reference of the steps. Also see your program's PDF compliance guide.

What to Do

  1. Complete the Student Consent & Attestation form directly within Complio - no download, scan, or wet signature required.
  2. On your home screen, click "Enter Requirements" to expand the Student Consent & Attestation category.
  3. Locate the "Complete Form" field and click the name of the form next to it to open the electronic form.
  4. Review the full form.
  5. Sign electronically and click "Save."
  6. Review final version and close form.
  7. Hit "Submit" to submit the requirement.


  • Problem: You completed the form but it is still showing as incomplete.
    • You likely did not hit submit before navigating away from the page so your requirement did not save. Either re-complete the form following the instructions or manually add the completed form to the requirement using the saved form in your document library.

What's Next

  • Complete Student Consent & Attestation in Complio
  • Review other episodes
    • Working in Complio - all about documents, submitting requirements, understanding reviewer comments, etc.
    • Immunization requirements involving titers
    • Other requirement-specific episodes from your program's playlist