Getting Started

We highly recommend that you watch the "Quick Start" episode of your program's video training before diving into individual requirements. Students in programs under the UConn School of Nursing (including the Long-Term Care Administration program) are required to fulfill the Polio requirement as part of their compliance. The preferred option is to document four doses of OPV/IPV vaccine administered in childhood but alternate methods are available if you cannot document four childhood doses. These alternate methods include submission of a positive Polio titer or submission of an adult Polio booster. You will not be able to begin your placement if compliance requirements are not met, and you will be removed from your placement if compliance lapses.

Polio Episode

Summary below in case you just need a quick reference of the steps. Also see your program's PDF compliance guide.

What to Do

  1. Locate documentation of your childhood Polio vaccinations to confirm that you received four doses.
  2. Submit documentation of your childhood Polio doses to Complio - Remember to submit each dose to its corresponding requirement (OPV/IPV Dose 1, OPV/IPV Dose 2, OPV/IPV Dose 3, and OPV/IPV Dose 4) even if all doses are on one document. For what's required on your documents and how to work with documents in Complio, check out the "Working in Complio" episode of our training series
  3. If you cannot document four childhood doses of Polio vaccine, the next best option is to have your healthcare provider order a Polio titer, the results of which you would submit to Complio
  4. As a last resort, you can submit documentation of an adult Polio booster for compliance.


  • Problem: Your can't find your childhood records and your provider insists there's no titer or booster for Polio.
    • Short answer – There are!
    • Make sure you've exhausted all avenues of inquiry to locate your childhood records
    • Titer testing and adult boosters for Polio are uncommon but available
    • You may need to seek care from a travel clinic
  • Problem: You think you've submitted everything, but Complio still says you aren't compliant for Polio
    • Have you submitted all four childhood doses, each to its own individual requirement?
    • Do all your documents include all the required information?
    • Were all your documents approved or was something rejected?
    • If you had a rejection, have you addressed the issue and resubmitted your documentation?

What's Next

  • Complete Polio steps and submit them to Complio
  • Review other episodes
    • Working in Complio - all about documents, submitting requirements, understanding reviewer comments, etc.
    • Other immunization requirements
    • Other requirement-specific episodes from your program's playlist