Physical Exam

Getting Started

We highly recommend that you watch the "Quick Start" episode of your program's video training before diving into individual requirements. All clinical and field programs at UConn require students to document a Physical Exam completed by a healthcare provider using UConn's physical exam form. Most programs require the physical exam to be updated annually while a few require an update every two years. You will not be able to begin your placement if compliance requirements are not met, and you will be removed from your placement if compliance lapses.

Physical Exam Form

Physical Exam Episode

Summary below in case you just need a quick reference of the steps. Also see your program's PDF compliance guide.

What to Do

  1. Schedule a physical exam appointment with your primary care provider or another healthcare provider.
  2. Attend scheduled provider appointment - be sure to provide the required UConn Physical Exam Form
  3. Submit completed UConn Physical Exam form to Complio
  4. If you have already had a physical exam within the past 12 months prior to receiving compliance information, please reach out to your OCPC Compliance Specialist ( to discuss how to proceed


  • Problem: Physical Exam documentation was rejected
    • Check the reviewer's rejection comment. Did you submit the correct form?
    • Did your provider complete all sections of the form, including color vision screening and N95 mask fit clearance?
    • Did your provider complete all contact information sections of the form?
  • Problem: Provider cannot complete N95 mask fit clearance and/or color vision screening
    • Both sections are required for all UConn programs
    • Reach out to your OCPC Compliance Specialist ( to discuss workaround solutions
    • Always begin by asking your provider to complete all sections of the form as required
  • Problem: You had your annual physical exam prior to receiving compliance information
  • Problem: Your Physical Exam is about to expire and you don't have an appointment scheduled
    • Always plan ahead to pre-schedule your next physical exam appointment since most insurance will not cover more than one physical exam per 12 months
    • Seek alternate arrangements through an urgent care, MinuteClinic, or community clinic provider if your regular healthcare provider cannot accommodate you at the last-minute

What's Next

  • Complete Physical Exam steps and submit them to Complio
  • Review other episodes
    • Working in Complio - all about documents, submitting requirements, understanding reviewer comments, etc.
    • Other requirement-specific episodes from your program's playlist