Frequently Asked Questions (main)


Where do I get my blood drawn for titers?

Required titers will be ordered by your healthcare provider, who will instruct you about which lab to visit.

I work during the week, can I complete the requirements on the weekends?

Your physical examination will likely need to be completed by your primary care physician, who will also need to order your bloodwork for required titers. Other requirements (e.g., immunization boosters, flu shot, PPD tests, etc.) can be completed at most pharmacies or walk-in centers, many of which offer flexible scheduling. Depending on the time of year and your insurance, you may also be able to complete requirements at UConn’s Student Health & Wellness.

How do I know if I meet the requirements?

Once you enter your information and upload documents to Complio, your submissions will be reviewed by Complio staff to ensure that you meet each requirement. Watch your email for notifications from Complio about rejected items and from OCPC about outstanding compliance requirements. You can also always email with any questions.

What do I do if I’m notified of a flag on my background check or drug screen or if I’m concerned about a potential flag?

Reach out to to discuss.

I have received all of my vaccinations. Why is this not sufficient for compliance?

For MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis B, proof of past immunization is not sufficient to satisfy clinical compliance requirements. Instead, you must demonstrate that you have immunity via a titer (blood test).

I submitted all of my records when I was admitted to UConn. Why do I have to submit more documents?

Any documents you may have submitted when you entered UConn were to satisfy campus health standards. Clinical requirements differ and, in many case, the threshold is much higher because of the nature of the work you will be doing with patients/clients in the clinical/field setting.

What form should I use for my physical examination?

  1. Use the form in the UConn Clinical Student Health Records Packet (link to form).
  2. Your physical will expire after one year. For subsequent physical examination submissions, you need only submit the physical examination page. You do not need to re-submit the immunization forms each time.

Do I need to do an international background check?

  1. If you have lived internationally for 90+ consecutive days in the last seven years, you must order an international background check in addition to the required basic background check.
  2. If your time spent abroad was exclusively on a U.S. military ship and/or base, you do not need to purchase/complete an additional international background check.

How do I handle a name change?

  1. If you have had a name change in the past seven years for any reason, you should enter your current legal name in ADB/Complio as your primary name and any previous/former names as aliases. This will allow the review team to accept documents in your primary and any alias names. To add an alias, log into your account and click “Edit Profile” to open your account details. Check the “I have an Alias or Maiden Name” box and then enter your alias information into the boxes that appear. Click the “Add Alias” button to save. You will have the option to add another if necessary.
  2. For purposes of your background check, please make sure that your primary name in ADB/Complio matches the name on your social security card. If it does not, you will likely have a flag on your background check and will need to complete a new one at your own expense.
  3. For purposes of your drug screening, please make sure that the name on the order matches your government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license). Should this be a problem for any reason, please reach out to ADB/Complio and they can help you update the name on your drug screening order.

What happens if I have a negative dilute on my drug screen?

Please make sure not to overhydrate prior to your drug screen as this can lead to a diluted sample, which will result in a flagged order. Under UConn policy, a diluted sample is treated as a positive result and you will have three days in which to purchase and complete a new test. You are allowed two attempts to pass the drug screening so, if your second test is also a diluted sample, your overall positive result will be disclosed to your clinical agency by the clinical coordinator following UConn policy. Placement will be at the agency’s discretion. If you have a flag, please reach out immediately to to begin the resolution process.


What should I do if a student declines immunizations?

  1. Use the algorithm
  2. Contact your Clinical/Field Program Director
  3. Call OCPC for guidance

What do I do when a student has a negative dilute sample?

What do I do when a student has a criminal background flag?

Refer student to and they will receive a response from OCPC
Once resolution achieved, OCPC will reconnect with you

What do I do when a student has a drug screen flag?

  1. Refer student to and they will receive a response from OCPC
  2. Once resolution achieved, OCPC will reconnect with you

How long does it take to establish a contract?

  1. A minimum of 60 days IF the UConn template is used
  2. 90+ days if the agency format is required
  3. The sooner you complete the request form the better and less stressful process for all

Where can I find the requirements of the school/department for each contract?

On sharepoint in EACH contract files is a separate spreadsheet with the school/program requirements

What does the school/program do about needing a contract?

  1. School/program completes the new clinical affiliation agreement request form
  2. OCPC will initiate the calls/emails to the site using the information provided by the school/program
  3. Once received, OCPC will review the contract and connect with school/program with any concerns or issues
  4. OCPC will involve OGC as needed
  5. OCPC will obtain needed signatures and return complete contract to school/program and file on sharepoint under clinical contracts