Background Check

Getting Started

We highly recommend that you watch the "Quick Start" episode of your program's video training before diving into individual requirements. All clinical and field programs at UConn require students to complete a Background Check at some stage of the program, most on an annual basis. In addition to the information on this page, please also consult your program's timeline, requirements list, and the companion video episode that walks you through the ordering process for your screening items. Please do not order any screening items until you are instructed to do so. You will not be able to begin your placement if compliance requirements are not met, and you will be removed from your placement if compliance lapses.

Background Check Episode

Summary below in case you just need a quick reference. Also see your program's PDF compliance guide and the companion episode about your program's specific screening items/timeline for ordering.

Background Check Basics

  1. Remember that this page and the video above only provide you with general information about the background check process. Please consult the program-specific episode in your program's playlist for step-by-step order instructions. Do not order any screening items until you are instructed to do so. If you order before instructed, you will have to pay for your screenings again at your own expense.
  2. The Basic Background Check in Complio has a base price of $28.40 but the total cost varies based on the state(s) in which you have lived. You will be required to provide all mailing addresses for the last seven years. The Basic Background Check includes a social security number trace, national sex offender registry search, and state/county criminal search in all localities of residence. Some programs also require a FACIS Level 3 background check; this component costs an additional $7.00.
  3. If you have lived outside the U.S. for 90+ consecutive days in the last 7 years, you must also add on an International Background Check. The base price of the International Background Check is $20 with the total cost based on the country or countries in which you have lived.
  4. Ensure that the primary name on your Complio account matches exactly the name on your social security card and ensure that your social security number is entered correctly. Mismatches on either of these items will likely result in a flag, which means you'll need to pay to have your background check run again at your own expense.
  5. Once your background check item(s) are complete, the result will port automatically into your compliance profile.


  • If you have a concern about a potential flag that may appear on your background check, please reach out to before you place your order. The Clinical Case Manager will be able to provide you with confidential guidance about how to proceed.
  • If you have a flag on your completed background check, you must reach out to right away to begin the resolution process.